Why sell swimwear products?

The swimwear market has been steadily growing over the past few years and is estimated to continue to grow into the next decade. With a global annual revenue of  $13.25 billion and a compound annual growth of 5.97% from 2016 – 2020.

With the market expanding so rapidly – the time to start thinking about breaking into the swimwear industry is now. It might seem a bit nerve-wracking to jump into an industry with so many established companies – but the size and diversity of the swimwear market leave a lot of room for smaller brands to corner specific niches and aesthetics. Especially with the speedy growth and popularity you can gain by partnering with influencers on social media platforms like Instagram. The swimwear industry also has a ton of room for expansion – from one piece tropical suits to designer tankinis – there’s a lot of possibilities for crafting a personality for your brand.

This premium store provides you with everything you need to be very successful in the swimwear community. With the intuitive design and inbuilt functionalities, starting a very successful swimwear dropship business has never been so easy.

The Store

The Premium Swimsuit Store was built by the Dropship Team to be a starting point for your store, it includes everything you need to run a successful swimsuit niche business in 2018. The practical functionalities built into the theme (like the Countdown Timer and recent sales pop-up, increases conversion by 120%. A full inventory of premium dropshipping products directly connected to their premium suppliers using the Oberlo app. Other high converting inbuilt functionalities include – Products CompareWishlist, and Live Visitors.

You will also receive the contacts of more than 200 top Instagram influencers in the swimsuit niche for your influencer marketing campaigns and gain access to over 100 Full HD Lifestyle photos that can be used for your social media campaigns.

The Products

The premium swimsuit store includes styles that range from Brazilian halter bikini to the floral one-piece suit. Everything you need to run a successful swimwear niche this 2018 has been provided in this Premium Swimsuit Store.

All products are sourced from well vetted Aliexpress Top Brands. Product images have been individually edited to look more visually appealing and the products description has been made to have all the important details about the product. Some of the other things that come with the swimsuit store include product types, product tags, and 12 pre-made collections.

Lifestyle Photos

We have created a collection of over 100 full HD Lifestyle images that can be used for your social media campaigns. All image license comes with the purchase of the store.



Full Same Day Transfer

As Shopify Plus Partners, we can transfer your new store to you within 24 hours during weekdays. We will send an admin request to the email you used in making the purchase. If you would like to use a different email for the admin, please contact us at support@dropshipmarket.net.

Business Model

Drop-shipping is a great and low-risk option because it negates the need to design, manufacture or ship your products. Drop-shipping companies are manufacturers that will ship products directly to your buyers when the products are purchased. Here’s how it works: when a customer places an order – shipping and product info get sent over to your drop-shipper who sends the product out to your customer. With the Oberlo app we use, this process is automated for you; it will automatically input your customer’s address and even process the payment.

With this system in place, you don’t need to worry about storing stock or shipping items out of your home. This frees up more time for you to focus on building an online presence for your brand and attracting followers that you can funnel to your online store.

Marketing Advice

Swimwears tend to do better on visual mediums – such as Instagram or Pinterest. A great way to get immediate attention on Instagram is by partnering with an influencer. A suggestion of Instagram influencers you can look out for are bohobeautifullife and plantifulsoul. Influencers have established credibility with their audience that can translate into credibility for your brand. Depending on the size of their following – some influencers may charge a fee for the promotion, but there are also smaller influencers for niches that can be low cost and also very effective.

You’ll also want to start by exploring profiles and hashtags that you believe are relevant to the expected audience for your store. Think about the celebrities the boho-chic audience would be following and what common interests they’d have with each other. When you understand what kind of audience you’re hoping to attract, you’ll be able to produce regular content that appeals to them and will start to pick up followers over time. Remember to like and comment on audience posts as well, to increase the exposure of your profile.

Understanding what your audience find enjoyable will help you when creating content that gets your followers attention. You want to produce content regularly – but keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. Remember to like and comment on audience posts as well. This will help to get exposure to your brand and help you build your following over time.

Another suggestion is using Facebook ads and retargeting your audience with Facebook’s pixel. This will allow you to remarket to people who have read your blog or browsed your store but didn’t make a purchase.You can use content curation to create blog posts. Content curation is when you find someone else’s content (a blog post, a meme, an inspirational quote etc.) and share it on your social media account, with credit to the original author.

If you have the time, you can also create your own content. Writing weekly blog posts and sharing them with your followers can help entertain and inform readers while also driving traffic back to your website. By sharing these posts in forums or Facebook groups, you can maximize their reach and attract a new audience. You can also create unique graphics that inspire (quotes), entertain (memes) or educate (infographics) for your social accounts. The combination of unique content and content curation can be a powerful strategy to grow your following

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for me to get my store after payment?

Because we are a Shopify Plus Partner, we can transfer your new store to you within 24 hours during weekdays. We will send an admin request to the email you used in making the purchase if you would like to use a different email for the admin, please contact us at support@dropshipmarket.net or chat with an agent through the chat box below.

Why do the stores have no domain name?

We believe in making stores that entrepreneurs can turn into million-dollar businesses, and because every entrepreneur has a different story to tell, we think the domain name should be selected by the store owner. We can, however, guide you through the buying process. We have written a comprehensive blog on “How to choose and buy a domain name”

Can I request a custom store in a different niche?

Because we do an intensive research on every store we build to make sure it is a great niche, we do not accept custom store request. We do however accept niche suggestions, please contact us if you would like to suggest any niche, and you’ll be the first to know if we build a store in that niche

Someone else bought a store I wanted to buy. Can I still get it back?

Unfortunately, you cannot get it back, we can, however, let you know when a new store is available in that niche. Please contact us with the niche and we will keep you on the loop.

What if I changed my mind after buying a store? Can I get a refund?

We have a 100% money back guarantee that applies if you have a problem with your store and our customer service team was not able to rectify that problem, although we have not had such an experience before. If you, however, decide to change your mind for some other reason, please contact us within the first 7 days of purchase with your request (we will ask a few questions), if our team approves your request, we will walk you through the refund process.

When will I be able to launch my new store and start making sales?

Within the first 20 minutes of getting your store, you can start making sales, all you need is to pick your Shopify plan and choose a domain name. Every other aspect of your new store has been completely setup.

I am new to dropshipping, what kind of support will I get?

We are always more than happy to help. If you have some questions or need some help in setting up your store, you can always send us a message at Support@dropshipmarket.net. Our office hours are 9AM to 5PM (EST) on business days.

How do you decide which niche to pick?

Some of the questions we ask ourselves are: 1. Is the niche scalable? 2. Is the niche brandable? 3. Is there a demand for the products? 4. How Long will the demand last? 5. What is the availability of the products on Aliexpress and what is the rating of the supplier 6. Can this niche be sold worldwide? We use statistical tools and online research to answer most of these questions. All our niches must check all the boxes.

Do I get the Instagram account displayed in the store?

Social media accounts are for display purposes only. A pack of all images will be available for download after purchase.

If you have any other question please send us a message at support@dropshipmarket.net


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